About Incremental Marketing

So you want to get to know us – great!
Let’s start off by saying why we exist.

We exist to grow our clients’ business.

We are all about making sure every project we touch delivers profitable sales growth. We know that it’s important that our clients can report back on how their project has shown an increase in sales and at the end of the day that’s what matters most. Here’s a list of case studies showing what we have implemented for our clients in the past.


We’ve existed for the last 20 years.

We like to think we’re as dynamic and innovative as a tech start-up, and are super proud that clients are still working with us 5, 10 and even 17 years later. We really buddy up with clients and become an extension of their business. We feel their pain and pressures and travel the journey with them by delivering projects that meet their goals.

Photo of the Incremental Marketing team collaborating on a project

We’re a full house, in house!

Everyone in our team sits next to each other – the creatives, the tech heads, the data nerds, the project managers, the guys who source all our weird and wonderful rewards, the point of sale managers and even our very own travel agent. Sitting side by side makes us totally integrated so your project won’t leave our doors, let alone our shores!


We’re known for being “easy to do business with”, as quoted by many of our great clients

We are flexible; we don’t need a written brief, though it would be nice to get one. We don’t wait for you to tell us what the opportunities are or how we can resolve problems, we are constantly analysing and optimising your project using data (we love data!). We still believe in face-to-face communication, which means we will come to see you. You’re also welcome to our offices anytime and you can talk to one or all of the different people involved in your project.


We’re just like your big extended family

We’d love to be part of your family, and we welcome you to become part of ours. We are here to listen, learn and support you. We’re here to take away your stress and inject some energy and fun into your project.

If you think we could be a good fit then

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